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NETGEAR was the first company to manufacture and introduce the world’s fastest wireless router. Wireless router technology was an evolution of a legacy of innovative wireless routers and modem routers.
This article deals with Netgear Router setup and solutions to Frequently

Asked Questions.

Things you need before you begin the setup.
setup netgear router
Before beginning with the setup process prepare the following before you:

  •  Internet connection or service.
  • The Host and Domain Names – Internet Login Name and Password
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) Addresses
  •  A fixed or Static IP Address Your ISP should have provided you with all the information needed to connect to the Internet.
    NOTE: In case you forgot or if you are not aware of the above information, you can ask your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to provide it. Users with cable modem service, have to work from the computer they first used to set up their Internet service.
  • The TWO main methods to set up your Netgear Wireless router.
  •  Smart Wizard Setup: it is the easiest, quickest and reliable method. Below we describe the steps of the Smart Wizard Setup. Take note that these steps are for a computer or tablet having Windows OS,
  • Insert the NETGEAR Resource CD in your Windows installed PC. The CD will start automatically and will also detect the language you are using on your PC. Accept the language option or change to a different language based on your need.
  •  When you click on SETUP, the Smart Wizard installation assistant will start.
  • The Wizard will guide you through automated instructions that you have to follow.

What if my CD fails to start automatically?

If your CD does not start automatically, browse the CD and then click on AUTORUN.

  • Manual Setup: you can use this option if you cannot use or understand the Smart Wizard or you do not have a CD Drive in your PC or laptop.
  • In this method, you have to connect your router to the ADSL or cable modem and also make a connection between your computer and the router.
  • The second step involves your router configuration to enable it to use your Internet Service.

How to establish a connection between your router, computer, and modem?

router, computer, and modemTo connect the three devices:

  • Power off your computer
  • Power off and unplug the cable or your ADSL broadband modem
  • Connect your computer to the modem with Ethernet cable
  • Insert the free end of this Ethernet cable into a LAN port of your Netgear Router
  • Using the yellow cable that came with your router establish a connection between your router and the modem by securely inserting it into the Yellow Internet port of your Router.

You have now successfully connected your network cables and ready to start your work!

  • The correct sequence to start your network.
  • Plug in the cable and turn on your modem. Wait for about 2 minutes.
  • Power on your router by plugging in the power cord into your router and wait for another 1 minute.
  • Switch on your computer.
  • Check the lights on your router to verify the following:
  • The power light will turn solid blue.
  • The test light should go solid green when you turn on your router and will eventually go off.
  • The Wireless light should be on. The wireless feature of your router is set up by the Smart Wizard configuration assistant.
  •  The Internet port light should be on. If it does not light, check that the Ethernet cable is securely attached to the router’s Internet port and the modem, and the modem is switched on.
  •  The LAN light should be lit. The green light indicates a good signal strength speed of 100 Mbps; amber light indicates 10 Mbps. If a LAN light does not light, check that the Ethernet cable connection from the computer to the router is secure. Also, see that the computer’s power is on.
  •  How to set up your Netgear Router to access the Internet
  • Open the web browser from your computer and type ⦁ http://www.routerlogin.net in the address bar and click Enter.

You can type any one of these two URLs in the address bar of your browser to connect to the internet, and then press Enter.
• http://www.routerlogin.com

The router will prompt you to enter the user name and the password.

  • When prompted enter the default username: admin and password as the default router password in the login window. The username and password are case sensitive and make sure you have entered the information in the lower case.
  • Router’s home page will be displayed.
  • Once connected to the Internet, click on the Knowledge Base or the Documentation link under the Web Support menu. This will help you in providing the support information or the documentation for your router.

 How to set up and test for basic wireless connectivity?

basic wireless connectivity

  • From the main menu of your Netgear router click the Wireless Settings link.
  •  The default SSID is NETGEAR. Make sure that the SSID of your wireless adapter must match with the SSID you used to configure your router.
  •  Select the region in which you want your wireless interface to operate.
  •  To save your settings click on Apply.
  •  To configure and test your computer’s wireless connectivity, check that the wireless adapter and the router have a wireless link and are able to obtain an IP address by DHCP from the router.

Following are the some of the useful Quick Tips that will help you solve many problems:

  • Always start your network in the following sequence:
  • Switch off and remove the plug of the modem from its power outlet.
  •  Power off the router and the computer.
  •  Switch on the modem, and wait two minutes.
  •  Power on the router and wait for 1 minute
  •  Switch on the computer’s power.

 How to find Netgear Router’s IP address in OS X?

The method described below will be same for all versions of Mac OS X, and will work with both wi-fi network routers as well as wired Ethernet routers:
When you switch on your Mac device, click on the Apple menu from the top, a dropdown list will appear. From here select System Preferences.

  •  A window will open and you will see a heading ‘Internet & Wireless’, below this select or tap “Network”.
  •  Choose “Wi-Fi” or the network interface through which you are connected and click on the “Advanced” button in the lower right corner.
  • Click on the “TCP/IP” tab from the top choices and you will see your router’s IP address:

How to perform a factory reset of the router?

factory reset of the routerTo perform a factory reset follow the step by step instructions given below:

  • Find the Reset button or Restore Factory Settings button generally located on the back of your router.
  • With the help of a paper clip or blunt pin, press and hold the Restore Factory Settings or Reset button for about seven seconds till you see the power light to blink again.
  •  Release the Reset button and wait for your router to reboot and the power light will glow into solid green or white.
  •  For DGN2000 or DG834Gv5 Netgear Routers
  •  You will see “Wireless” and “WPS” labeled buttons on the side of the above router models.
  •  Press both the buttons simultaneously for 6 seconds, until the power LED starts blinking Red.
  •  Release the “Wireless” and “WPS” buttons. The router will reboot and the power LED will be solid.
  •  Help me to log into my netgear router or reset my username and password for my Netgear router.

Resetting your username and password with the help of Web Interface.

From your web browser open the URL: ⦁ http://www.routerlogin.net or ⦁ http://www.routerlogin.com. If these URL’s do not open then type the IP address: or your browser’s address bar and press Enter. If the default IP addresses also fail to work then use the Command Prompt to find the correct IP.

  •  For Windows 8.1 press Windows-X to display the Power User menu. Select Command Prompt to open the Utility.
  • Type ipconfig into the Command Prompt and press Enter. You will obtain detailed information about the network.
  • From this information, locate the router’s IP address in the Default Gateway section and use it to access the Web interface.

Type the default username and password into the User Name and Password fields. The ⦁ default username is admin and the default password is password or 1234.
To reset the Netgear router, first, select Backup Settings from the Maintenance section and then click the Erase button in the Revert to Factory Default Settings section. For confirming, press OK.

  • Setting up parental controls for Netgear AC1750 wifi cable modem router.
  • While selecting the Parental Controls from the BASIC Home page for the first time, your browser will redirect you to the Live Parental Controls website. From this website, you can learn more about Live Parental Controls and download the application.
  • log into my netgear router

For setting up the Parental Controls go through the following steps:

  • From your computer laptop or any wireless device that is connected to the network, open the web browser.
  • In the Address bar enter the URL: http://routerlogin.net. This will open the login window.
  • Enter your modem router’s default user name and password. The default login credentials are admin for the username and password for the password. The login information is case sensitive and both are in lower case.
  • After entering the login information, the BASIC Home page displays.
  • From here select Parental Controls.
  •  Click the button for the app or version that you want to download and use.
  •  You will get the onscreen instructions. Follow these instructions to download and install the Genie app.
  • Open the genie app and select Parental Controls. After installation, Live Parental Controls automatically starts.
  •  Click the Next button, a note will appear for you to read, and click the Next button again.
  •  Live Parental Controls will prompt you to login or create a free account as it uses free Open DNS accounts
  • log into my netgear router

Select a radio button as explained:
If you already have an Open DNS account, leave the Yes radio button selected. And if you do not have it then select the No radio button. For creating an account, the Create a free OpenDNS account page will be displayed. If that is the case then:
Complete the fields. And then Click the Next button. Once your account is created a filtering level page displays. On this:
Select a filtering level and click the Next button. A page will be displayed with the message, “The Setup is Complete”. Tap on the Take me to the status screen button, to display the Status Page. You have now successfully set up the parental controls for your Netgear AC 1750 modem router. To enable Parental Controls, click the Enable Live Parental Controls button.

How to manage Network Access Control Lists for Netgear AC 1750 wifi modem router?

You can use access control to block or allow access to your network. To manage devices that are allowed or blocked:

  1. Open the installed web browser from a computer or wireless device that is connected to the network.
  2. Search log into my netgear router.
  3.  Type http://routerlogin.net. to open the login window.
  4. Enter the modem router’s default login information. The user name is admin. The default password is password. The user name and password are case-sensitive.
  5.  The BASIC Home page displays.
  6.  Select on ADVANCED > Security > Access Control.
  7.  Click the View list of allowed devices that are not currently connected to the network link. The list displays.
  8.  Select the check box for a device.
  9. click the Add button, Edit button, and Remove from the List button as according to your need
  10.  Click the Apply button to save your changes.
  11. log into my netgear router
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