For security reasons, you should change the password of the Netgear router regularly. Find out how to do this just by login to Netgear router via as an official IP address.

Netgear: Change WI-FI password – that’s how it works

You can change the Wi-Fi password of your Netgear router yourself, for example if the current password is too complicated. How to do it and what to pay attention to in this article.

  • Open the IP address “” or “” or you can also use to access web interface and log in to the router.
  • Switch to the left under the category “Setup” to the “WLAN configuration”.
  • Below you will find the “passphrase” for the security options. Here you can now enter a new password that is as secure as possible.
  • With the button “Apply” the new password is saved.

Your password for the wireless router is “abc123”? You should not be out and about with this classic bad password. We’ll show you some common router models and how to change your Wi-Fi password. In the end, you surf safer and never have to worry about abuse.

A password for wireless routers follows the same standards as any other password. The longer and more complicated it is, the harder it is to crack the password. Obviously, you have to find a compromise: it should be a secure password, but at the same time it must be fairly easy to remember. “# E92! Uq5KqX (2 # 4! @” Would be a fantastic password, but you could only make a fuss of it with extreme effort.

If you want to change your Wi-Fi password, follow these tips:

  • Choose a combination of a word that you can remember well, a number and different special characters
  • The result might be”! Example80 # “. The exclamation mark at the beginning and the diamond sign at the end will probably keep you in mind. The example word may be the name of your favorite album and the two numbers are based on your date of birth.
  • A password of this kind would not find out at a reasonable cost. For the word and number, choose values ​​that are not as easy to associate with as in this example. In any case, you now have a password that you can easily remember and at the same time is completely safe.
change your Wi-Fi password

This is how you can change your Wi-Fi password in detail

Ideally, you have now come up with a password that meets the security criteria. Now you just have to change it. The different wireless routers usually use the same software – so it makes no difference, for example, whether you want to change your WLAN password in a Fritz! Box 7360 or 7490. The way there is the same. So even if your model is not on this list, try anyway. Chances are good if your device is reasonably new.

Change Wi-Fi password on Netgear

The last known manufacturer of reliable WLAN routers in this comparison is Netgear. For decades, the company has been producing high-quality devices that are also relatively popular. To change your Wi-Fi password by accessing its login page via, follow these steps:

  • In your browser, enter either or If both ways do not work, please try or Depending on your exact model, the access options also differ.
  • If you are asked for a password and have never changed it yourself, enter “admin” as the name and “password” as the password.
  • On the left side of the menu you will find the option “WLAN settings”. This setting may also be called “Wireless”.
  • Security options now provide security settings. There you can also change your Wi-Fi password. Immediately afterwards, the connection to the WLAN router is probably disconnected, and after a few minutes you will be able to access your new password. Finished!

The Wi-Fi password is the only hurdle that prevents attackers from using your Wi-Fi router and thus mostly misusing it. The password should be correspondingly secure. Take an afternoon to change your Wi-Fi password and take care of the configuration too early, too late. In the long run, you are much safer on the Internet.

With this data you get the control over your router!

Forgotten password, no access to the router? COMPUTER BILD has summarized the standard access data of the most important router manufacturers. This will take you to the router menu and change the Wi-Fi password or make connection settings.

The internet connection has been set up for some time. The note with the WLAN password set at that time has fallen to dust, the memory of the combination only in fragments. Suddenly a password prompt appears – because you want to use the wireless network with another computer. Or because your PC crashed and the settings disappeared. In this case, only calling the configuration menu of the router will help. There you reset the old WLAN password and set a new one.

Access to the router configuration

The setting of the router is simple: Open the browser and enter in the address window the router IP FOR Netgear you must enter (without www.); it is in the manual. If you no longer have the instructions, you can find the IP addresses of the most important router manufacturers in the infogallery.

The default password of my router

After entering the router IP in the address bar, a window opens with a user name and password prompt. If you did not change the password when creating the Internet connection, you will be taken to the router configuration default password assigned by the manufacturer. This is in the manual of the router, as well as the username. If you do not have them at hand, the overview helps: COMPUTER BILD has compiled the access data of various manufacturers.

Default password of the router is not working

Sounds worse than it is: There is a switch or opening labeled “Reset” on the router. After the operation (eg with a straightened paper clip) the router is reset to the factory settings. This allows you to regain control of your router and access the menu using the default settings in the illustrated overview or operating instructions. Now you have to set up and secure the connection: You need the access data (username, password), which you got from your Internet provider.

Protection for your WLAN

Who says, WLAN end in your own four walls, is wrong! Although the danger is known, there are still many unsecured wireless networks. So rogues and jokes are open to the door. See ” Vulnerabilities and Threats: Protecting Your Wireless LAN ” to learn how to secure your network.

Forgot password and user name in Netgear router

If you want to log in to the Netgear router, but have forgotten your access data, please try the above-mentioned standard access data first. Because, if they do not work, you have to reset the Netgear router. In this case, the access data are reset to the factory default logins. However, this also means that all previous settings are also lost.

The most effective method to reset the Netgear switch login:


  • Searches the switch for a little gap, which may likewise be named “Reset”.
  • Insert a paper cut or a thick needle into the gap and press the switch inside for around 10 seconds. You don’t need to press hard, the switch has a short stroke.
  • Now a light begins blazing, which can take a couple of minutes.
  • After the reset is finished, the switch is in the conveyance state. You come now again via the above listed addresses and with the standard access data into the Netgear login. Now you have to make all the changes again, register the router with the provider and, if necessary, bring the firmware back to the current state, because it is also restored to its original state. Thereafter, the router login works fine. Now is a good time to back up the settings to be prepared for such situations in the future.

The most important thing is encryption of the wireless network: In the router configuration, set WPA or better WPA2. If your devices are already older, you should check if they support WPA, because an encryption according to outdated WEP standard is uncertain. The “Check Your Computer’s WPA Capability “guide shows you how to do it. Securing the WLAN connection is not difficult: in principle, you only enable encryption and think up a secure password. Although you no longer need it on the next dial-up due to automatic authentication, it’s a good idea to remember or make a note of it. Whenever you or acquaintances log into your network, you need this password.

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