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How you can implement

On the off chance that you have bought a Netgear switch, you should go to and it will you to get to your router’s IP address for simple access to the administrator arrangement interface. Beforehand we trusted this was executed through DNS forwarder insider the switch reacts with its IP for accessing

In any case, we found that easily resolve the routers IP address notwithstanding when the unit is set just as an entrance point, working in a system with a different switch/outside DNS server. This might appear to suggest that it could seize DNS to notwithstanding when this is just an entry point.

FAQ Related To Router Login

What if you try to access and you receive the error “Unable to connect to a remote server”, or something like that?

Most likely, something is incorrectly connected or incorrect settings on the computer.

The router needs to be connected to a computer via a network cable. As a rule, the cable is included with the router. When everything is set up, the cable can be turned off, everything will work without it.

How to check the connection between the router and the computer?

  • Plug in the router and connect it to the computer using a network cable. Usually, the network cable on the router is connected to the yellow connector.
  • On the router, one of the LAN indicators should light.
  • The computer must also determine that you have connected the router to it.
  • Do not be frightened that the status of “Without access to the Internet.” You just have not set up anything yet, it will still be.
  • If you have everything connected correctly, and then try to go to the address

How to connect a computer to the router via a network cable (LAN)?

Took the cable, connected to the router, then to the computer, and everything is ready. But still, someone can come in handy. As a rule, modern routers have 4 LAN connectors. This means that you can connect 4 devices via a network cable. And all of them will receive the Internet from the router, or work on the local network.

What if the computer does not see the router on the network cable?

If you connect the network cable to the router and the computer, and the computer refuses to somehow react to this connection, then first we need to find the reason. By the way, the Wi-Fi network from this router can work well and distribute the Internet.

In our case, this is not a table that is important. Although, if the wireless network does not work, and the indicators on the router do not burn as usual (especially if only the power light is on), then your router probably just broke down. If it works as usual, then the reason must be sought in another.

What to do if Wi-Fi network does not have access to the Internet?

If there has already been a problem that the device is connected to the Wi-Fi network, but the sites do not open, then first of all we need to find the case. In the Internet itself, in a router, or in a laptop, tablet, phone, etc. Check the operation of the Internet connection without a router or check the issues with your router.

How can I change the channel on a Wi-Fi router?

Everything is simple here, so you should not have any problems. You need to go to the settings of the router. Connect the router to the computer via the network cable (at the time of configuration) and enter the address of the router in the browser address bar. Enter your login and password and click “Send”, enter, or whatever you have, it does not matter.

What if the configuration of the router does not work after accessing 192.168 0.1?

If you go to 192.168 0.1 and configure it still does not work – it means that the DHCP server is probably disabled on the router and the address will have to be registered manually.

How to check the operation of the internet connection without a router?

First, check if the Internet is working, or it is not enough. To do this, simply connect the network cable directly to the computer, without the router. If the Internet is working properly, then everything is fine, we go further. If not, solve this problem with the provider.

If the Internet is all right, it means a problem, either with the router, or with a laptop, or other device that you want to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

How to install, or change the password on a Wi-Fi network?

In order to enter the settings of the Wi-Fi router, it is necessary that it be connected to the computer via a network cable; you can access it via Wi-Fi, but to configure it better by cable. Enter the address of the router in the address bar of the browser.

This is usually, or At me works. A window appears in which you need to enter a user name and password to access the settings of the router. If you have not changed them yet, the default is admin and admin. Enter them and click “Send”.

How can I protect my Wi-Fi network connection?

  • Without fail, you need to specify the type of encryption that you will use for the network, and set a strong password.
  • Go to the “Wireless” tab, and “Wireless Security”. Next to the  WPA / WPA2 – Personal protocol, set the mark, set the settings as in the screenshot below and in the line, in front of “PSK Password:” we come up with a good password. This password will be used to connect to Wi-Fi. Click “Save” to save.

How can I see who is connected to my Wi-Fi router?

  • The most important thing is to get into the settings of the router. Enter in the address bar of the browser, you can still try
  • Next, enter your login and password, if you did not change them, then most likely its admin and admin.
  • Go to the “Wireless” tab and select “Wireless Statistics”. Now, you can look at the table how many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi router.

Someone connected to my Wi-Fi router. What to do and how to block the “thief”?

If someone connect to your network, and you also have a login with a password to access the settings of the router is not changed and is by default.  Then you need to change the password of your Wi-Fi router or you can also block the device to your system.

Is it possible to configure a router without a computer?

Yes, it is possible to configure a router without a computer.

After a thunderstorm, the Internet does not work via a Wi-Fi router. What to do?

If it rained outside the window, and a little bit of fun, and after that you had problems with the work of the Internet over Wi-Fi, and by cable, do not rush to throw out your router, or carry it for repairs. Perhaps the problem is not in it, but in the equipment of the Internet provider.

To check this, just pull the cable from the Internet provider from the router and connect it to the computer, directly. If the Internet works, then the problem is most likely in the router.

Is it required an IP address to be range from to

The IP address must be in the range from to Having registered the address, do not forget to register the address of the router as the Primary Gateway. Also, you need to register as the Preferred DNS server.

Netgear WN2000RPT-100NAS Wi-Fi extender

Netgear WN2000RPT-100NAS extender login via www.mywifiext.setup

Netgear produces some of the best Wi-Fi signal extenders that reduce the interference in the Wi-Fi signal connectivity throughout in the home and workplace. The key to a fast internet connection is the lowest possible interference in the flow of wireless signals. The Netgear WN2000RPT besides providing a lot of signal strength to the router also extends the internet speed up by 750 Mbps. This Netgear extender has the inbuilt antennae that transmit the Wi-Fi signals to each and every corner of your home.

The Netgear extenders can be configured with the use of a web address www.mywifiext.setup

The Netgear WN2000RPT-100NAS has a predefined web address of www.mywifiext.setup. We need to configure our Netgear Wi-Fi extender prior to its use. This Wi-Fi extender has 4 fast Ethernet ports to connect external devices like Smart TVs, Gaming consoles, and streaming devices etc.

 Setup guide for Netgear WN2000RPT Wi-Fi extender.

The detailed guide for setting the Netgear Wi-Fi extender is as follows.

  • Unbox your Netgear router and assemble the essential components in it.
  • Connect your Netgear Wi-Fi extender to the appropriate power supply.
  • Now, you need to open the web browser of your computer and enter the address mywifiext.setup in the address bar.
  • The link setup navigates the user to the Netgear genie setup page.
  • Now, select the wireless connection from the list of connections that you want to be extended.
  • Enter your router key or password and click “Continue”.
  • If our wireless network does not appear in the list of connections, just don’t rush and make sure that the extender is placed within an appropriate distance from the router.
  • Now, connect to your wireless extender network through the laptop or some other device.
  • Upon logging in the Netgear extender setup page, you will need to click on the “New extender setup” tab. By clicking on that tab, you will be prompted to follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Once, you are successfully connected to the Wi-Fi extender network, you are ready to use the enhanced Wi-Fi strength of the Netgear router.

Set up the Netgear WN2000RPT Wi-Fi extender through WPS.

The WPS button is given on the Netgear extender. We can also connect the extender to the router by pressing the WPS button for at 2-3 seconds. The WPS technology lets the user connect to the network effortlessly. After pressing the button, the Wi-Fi extender connection will show up in the list of available wireless connections and it will get connected automatically.

Netgear WN3000RP-200PES Wi-Fi extender (

The Netgear is one of the finest names in the Wi-Fi and networking industry. Netgear produces some of the best Wi-Fi extending devices one of which is Netgear WN3000RP-200PES. This Netgear Wi-Fi extender has dual antennae that transmit the Wi-Fi signals throughout the home and at the workplace very efficiently and strongly. The plug and play design allows user to conveniently plug the extender into the wall socket of your home. This design of the extender occupies a very less space in your home as well as the office. This compact design of this Netgear WN3000RP Wi-Fi extender is an advantage for its use as no one wants to keep any extra place occupied in their home.

The Netgear Wi-Fi extender setup through

We have to use the link  for the successful use and configuration of our Wi-Fi extender. It is not possible to use the extender straight away without setting it up via

What we need to do after getting this Netgear extender is to unpack carefully it. The following description of the Netgear Wi-Fi extender will be useful for the users trying to set up the Wi-Fi extender.

  • Plug your extender into the wall plug. Switch on the power supply of the socket.
  • The lights on the extender display will go “ON”.
  • Now, look into the “network and internet settings” at the bottom right portion of your computer.
  • Select the Wi-Fi extender from the list of available connections.
  • Click on the SSID of the Netgear WN3000RP-200PES to connect it to your current wireless network.
  • Now for the configuration, navigate to the web browser of the PC and enter the link in the address bar of the browser.
  • You will be directed to the extender setup page. There you will need to click on the “NEW EXTENDER SETUP” tab.
  • Click on “APPLY” and “SAVE CHANGES”. The device will be rebooted within few seconds.
  • You are now connected to the wireless network with Wi-Fi extender simultaneously.

 Now, you are all set to enjoy the blazing fast speed of the internet and a larger Wi-Fi signal coverage.

(Hack - The Wi-Fi extender should be placed in a proper place. The best place where we can put up our Wi-Fi extender is at the halfway distance from the existing wireless router).

 Points to remember

Appropriate power supply (voltage) should be provided to the extender. Incorrect power supply to the extender can lead to the hardware damage to the device.

The Netgear plug and play extender device should be properly inserted in the wall socket or else the device can fall off from the wall leading to the breakage damage.